Information Technology And Organisational Development

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Technology and Organisational Development
There was a time when performing a task or doing job was hard and exhaustive. Long distance communication was a lengthy process and took days sometimes months to complete. Recording and managing enormous data was a mission impossible job. Growth of organisations, the progression towards performance and efficiency and improvement in employee motivation was a question mark. Engineers, philosophers, psychologists, and scientists were doing their utmost to get the answers and solutions of these questions and problems.
Today, we are living in a data driven world and therefore, technology that gather, record, process and converts the data into a meaningful form of data and results for people, has a fundamental value for the community and is at the very heart of almost every organisational experience. Though, majority of humans take for granted the impact and usefulness of technology, information technology system (ITS) is the key which connects people, organisations and social systems. (Katz and Kahn, 1978).
It’s the technology which drives the organisational communications, processes and the organisational development efforts, for example e-mails, Website, online surveys, virtual meetings, departmental and management processes, online ticketing systems, total quality management systems, career management tools and interactive and need based trainings and development plans. (Church, A; Gilbert, M; Oliver, D; Paquet, K; Surface, C. 2002)
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