Information Technology And The Business Model

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Ebay Inc.
1. Introduction
EBay Inc is a worldwide online retailer and auction industry that operates a web-based marketplace for all individuals to buy or sell anything online. EBay operates a consumer to consumer (C2C) platform in its business model where it allows individuals to communicate with each other interactively. EBay uses information technology to perform and operate its business model. EBay was very successful in using information technology in its business model as an online retailer. Information technology is a terminology where computers and telecommunication equipments are being used to store, retrieve, and transfer data. Being said, eBay, who operates an online auctioning and retailing industry, uses information technology to achieve its business goal in customer relationship management, communication, data management and also inventory management.
In the first section of this paper I will discuss what information technology is and how information technology is related to different companies. The second section of this paper I will analyze how eBay uses information technology in their business model. Then I will conclude by giving recommendations on how eBay could improve their use information technology to expand its business to a higher level.
2. Research Background
The idea of storing, retrieving, communicating and manipulating information has been developed since 3000 B.C. by the Sumerians and is still used today in businesses. During 1958, Harold J.
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