Information Technology Applications For A Team Of People

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1. Introduction
Information technology applications that enable a team of people to work together is called groupware and in this essay I would like to extend the definition of groupware to also include software that enables collaboration between teams of individuals. Groupware, collaborative software or group support systems are all a type of software “with the main objective to make the interaction between people that work together easier and helping them to become more effective and efficient” (Sarmento, Lousa, Machado, 1999).
Groupware/ collaborative/ Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is a generic term for the information systems that give a group of people an ability to pursue joint activities, for example, to create new products, make reports on implementation of a project, develop software, make decisions etc.
The need for groupware has also been driven by the global spread of employees with “87 percent of employees around the world working in remote offices.” (Turban, Leindner, Mclean, Wetherbe, 2008).
Having used a range of groupware systems and coupled with published literature, I share the widely held view that groupwares are associated with the support and facilitation of communication, collaboration and cooperative work amongst a team of people within an organisation and or external to it. Groupwares can be found in small, medium and very large organisations like Boeing and DaimlerChrysler for designing new planes and automotive products.
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