Information Technology Applications For A Team Of People

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1. Introduction Information technology applications that enable a team of people to work together is called groupware and in this essay I would like to extend the definition of groupware to also include software that enables collaboration between teams of individuals. Groupware, collaborative software or group support systems are all a type of software “with the main objective to make the interaction between people that work together easier and helping them to become more effective and efficient” (Sarmento, Lousa, Machado, 1999). Groupware/ collaborative/ Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is a generic term for the information systems that give a group of people an ability to pursue joint activities, for example, to create new…show more content…
Wyndam International uses collaboration and e-meeting software from Centura Software to save time and money in travel and communication costs with savings of $10,000 to $15,000 per month on phone bills (Stair, Reynolds 2008, p. 416) Whilst there might be contrasting views about groupware or its boundaries, it is undeniable that groupware has resulted in the convergence of technical and social interests. To understand the different groupware/CSCW software categories, it is my view that some knowledge of the various classification are explained. This will be covered in the next section. 2. Groupware Classifications The widespread use of information technology (IT) has had the beneficial effect of shifting team work from face-to-face communication to remote and distant communication spanning from a few meters to thousands of kilometres on earth and even activities in space. Groupware tools have been classified in many ways, but most of them are based on an original matrix created by Johansen in 1988 (see Table 1). In this section, some of the main taxonomies, as well as the Johansen’s one, will be discussed. Groupware can be classified in several ways: • By where and when the individual participants perform the cooperative work - summarised in a time-space matrix. • By the function of the system — e.g., collaborative design, group authoring,
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