Information Technology, Competitiveness And Coordination Effect The Agribusiness Sector

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This paper focuses on studying and researching on how information technology, competitiveness and coordination effect the agribusiness sector. It specifically explained how Information Technology has improved and accelerated the coordination strategies among different stages of the sector. This paper also discusses about how the coordination strategies might not have evolved basing on the existing market structures or price signals.

This paper deals with 3 main definition related issues that this paper discusses are
• Clarification on what Information Systems exactly is? &
• What Agri-Business sector is all about?
• What is Competitiveness? According to Davis and Olson, an Information System is "an integrated, user-machine system for providing information to support operations, management, analysis and decision making functions in an organization." This paper focuses on technologies that might improve the transfer or information between two sectors.

Usually, Agribusiness sector is viewed as a sector that deals with activities that happen after the farm gate. However, according to Sonka and Hudson, the agribusiness and food sector is " a chain of interrelated activities including genetics and seed stock firms, input suppliers, agricultural producers, merchandisers, processors, retailers and consumers supported by firms providing various services, financing and research & development".

According to Porter, " a competitive strategy is the search for a favorable…
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