Information Technology Essay

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Information Technology Haag and Keen (1996) agreed that information technology is a set of tools that helps you work with information and perform task related to information processing. Included in this set are seven building blocks. All together, these building blocks are called an IT system (p.8). For an IT system we need: Input and output, software, communication devices, the processing engine, information, storage devices, and most important people (Haag & Keen, 1996). According to Haag and Keen (1996) the definitions of the IT system is as follow, 1. Input and output devices that you use to enter information and commands and to receive (usually by hearing or seeing) the results of your requests. Input and output…show more content…
Although all are components of an IT system, you must look at yourself and other and realize that people are the most important building block. Without you, and IT system really is nothing more than computer—an expensive piece of electronic equipment that takes up space and gathers dust (p.9). A Comparison on How Students Used Technology Before and Now Computers were not yet an integral part of every classroom. According to Crane (2000), a study in 1995 indicated technologies in the elementary school were overwhelmingly used for basic skill exercise but were not connected to the ongoing curriculum. The same study noted that in middle and high school, computers, were being used primarily to create documents or to teach computer skill. Now in the 21st century, Charp (2003) reported that the use of technology for students has not only increased in the classroom, but also in homes, libraries, coffee shops and other places throughout our nation’s communities. During the years of President Clinton he pledged to wire all school to internet point. Now classrooms are made into research laboratories. Now, students are learning that online resources can help them recognize bias, propaganda, and commercially driven information; to think both concretely and abstractly; to reason and to question. On the World Wide Web, students can learn about endangered species in different
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