Information Technology

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* What are the characteristics of a technologically enabled organization? A technologically enabled organization is a technologically capable company. Data and information will be at the heart and information re-use shall be constant. In other word, everything is integrated, finance, services, customer files, support database, helpdesk, quality management, customer satisfaction, email, attachments... The information both flow in and out where you can get an holistic view of every information, communication, exchange concerning a specific project that might affect multiple customers, or every bits and pieces of information that pertain to a specific customer... It is a an organization where you have a symbiosis between the customer,…show more content…
Weak entity set - an entity that cannot be identified uniquely without considering some primary key attributes of another identifying owner entity. An example is including Dependent information for employees for insurance purposes. Aggregation - a feature of the entity relationship model that allows a relationship set to participate in another relationship set. This is indicated on an ER diagram by drawing a dashed box around the aggregation. Role indicator - If an entity set plays more than one role, role indicators describe the different purpose in the relationship. An example is a single Employee entity set with a relation Reports-To that relates supervisors and subordinates. 4. What kind of technology is least flexible? Most flexible? I would say that it is dependent on the licensing. The most flexible being that which comes from the Open Source family. At the root of it all, Open Source software allows any to read edit and redistribute any technology they encounter(based on the licensing). The closed source model, is exactly that closed, you can not even view the code usuallywithout first signing a non-disclosure agreement, if you can even see it at all. This means you can not audit thecode that may be entering your environment, nor can you make any real modifications or taylor it to your own specific needs. In the Software Industry an
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