Information Technology Infrastructure Of Shiv Llc Company

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Introduction This document is a proposal for the setup and implementation of the Information Technology infrastructure of Shiv LLC company. The document covers the technologies to be used in implementing a multi-location infrastructure that will aid the business processes of the three different locations of Shiv LLC which are at Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston. Owing to the prospects of a rapid growth, the designs proposed in this document are flexible enough to allow room for future expansion and scaling. This proposal document was prepared with an assumption that there will be sufficient funds to procure all the equipment necessary to fully implement the considerations put forward in the document. Active Directory Active directory enable computers on the same Local Area Network (LAN) to communicate with each other. Without Active Directory, each computer on the network will operate as a standalone computer. Shiv LLC needs active directory to connect all computers on the network to each other. That is to say that all user’s information is stored in a central place, and not on the local computers’ hard drive. A global catalog is used to control the domain; the catalog keeps a record of all the devices registered on the network. A server running Active Directory Domain Services is known as a domain controller. A domain controller provides a distributed database which is used to store and manage information about network resources and application-specific data from

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