Information Technology Is A Key Part For Any Business Essay

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Information Technology is a crucial part for any business. It plays a critical role in realizing goals and objectives of an entity. For UMUC haircuts the IT will help in being more competitive in the market. Customer satisfaction will be high since they will get the best service that adds value to the final product. Once implemented IT will help the business will also enjoy high levels of customer attraction and awareness which enables management to reach the target market (Murimi, 2015). That is a move which can raise the branding levels of the business and acts as a barrier to new entrants. Increased profitability makes the business to attain high levels of financial stability and can acquire other players in the industry or invest in a successful products or projects in the market.
Proposed IT solution
UMUC Haircuts needs to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market as well as internal factors so as to come up with an IT method which will minimize the costs and maximize the benefits. In this case the management should consider the Software As A service (SAAS) model. In this case the licensing is done on subscription basis and hosted at a central position. It will improve the services such as messaging, management information system, enterprise resource planning, managerial decision making, human resource management as well as service desk management (Murimi, 2015). That is mainly because it can be accessed by use of a thin client through web browsers. In
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