Information Technology ( It ) Is A Universal And Versatile Tool

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Information Technology (IT) is a universal and versatile tool. It involves our life in every aspect. For example, we used smart phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime to contact people, used computer, e-mail, video conferences to work. In fact, I prefer shopping online to going to the mall. If I did not have a GPS, I would lose my way. In addition, I can order pizza or anything else in the internet. In business, we cannot without it. We used for information-based system, intranet, and paperless system at work. We need a financial management system to deal with the financial things, and Decision Support System can help and support the decision and strategy.

Along with IT developing,it is more and more important in business. It can
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In addition, IT also is an industry. Currently, IT industry continues to maintain a sustained, steady, and rapid development momentum. Such as cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, and video games, and more technologies and products are agents of change and development of the global IT industry. IT continues impacts on the world economy, there are not country would ignore its potential and influence.

In my opinion, information technology has been taking us into the information age. This is a new period, we also known as the e-Age or knowledge economy age. Used for internet, we can connect all computers in the whole world, the earth turned to the global village. We can pull people’s distance with to speak freely and video tools. It amasses many people’s wisdom because we can get the all information at home and do business. It drives to science and technology, culture, commerce, and human society keep improving. IT technology has been changing the business model, market development, operations management, technology innovation, human resources development in the business. We expect it can have the new breakthrough.

What is IT? “IT” is the short for “Information Technology”. IT is a term that “encompasses all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange and utilize information in its various forms, including business data, conversations, still images, motion pictures and multimedia presentations” (Source)

It also is a tool,
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