Information Technology

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Question 1:
From an analytical prospective, explain how information systems relate to the way Zara runs its business. What types of systems are the most essential for this company in its current environment?

In this new era of globalization, the using of technology has been very common and can be conclude as part of human’s life. In order to survive in today’s challenging business world, every organization has to be confronted with highly competitive pressure to bring out more effectiveness and efficiency when running a business. This case study is about Zara, large international fashion company which known as one of the survivors by successfully overcome the business pressure by implementing new technology system.

Zara is known as
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The major in Information Systems is a segment of business administration and by using internet it allows business to process in a faster and more convenient way. [What is Information System. (n.d).]

Based on the cased study, among all information systems, management information systems are the most essential IS for this Zara’s company in its current environment. Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, organizations and the relationships among them. (What is Management Information Systems, 2012). Zara’s department managers monitoring, controlling, making decision and process administrative activities by using this IS.

As been known, Zara Company in charge completely from the production process tills the distribution part. Thus, it is necessary to use MIS to combine and propagates data to go on with daily business operations. By using this information systems, Zara monitors and control selling business and predict future performance, for instance what will be the upcoming fashion trend and what type of clothing can be designed in order to estimate the sales performance. Zara able to get a version of store racks changing in just few weeks time due to the help of IS for data management to innovates in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of company.

Besides MIS, current company is also using Transaction Processing Systems (TPS). TPS is a computerized systems
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