Information Technology Service Management Framework

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Introduction Information technology companies are faced with a continuously increasing need for information technology processes and systems regards to achieve business objectives. Companies in nowadays are getting more and more dependent on information technology to reach their business goal. In result, the needs of information technology service regards to the increasing dependence from information technology companies to IT service corresponding to the business is growing rapidly. To reinforce marketplace competitiveness companies and organizations are now seek for good quality organization IT service management or “framework” more ever than before. Information Service Management is defined as Information technology activities made up by a several of policies, organized and structured and information technology supporting processes that used by IT companies and organizations to accomplish customers’ quests and win the business. In a common Information Technology Service Management framework within an IT related organization, Information Technology Service Management is used as an IT management framework which has a regularized life cycle: Plan, Design, Deliver, Operate and Control information technology services offered to customers. ("Overview and Vocabulary" 2016) The life cycle of the information technology service management ensures the quality of IT service processes implementation as to the service outcome meet the needs of customers, also ensures efficient and
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