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Information Technology Strategic Planning Introduction to Company Introduction Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturing company that was established in 1873. Today Atlas Copco Organization is a main world brand that makes mechanical equipment, air compressors development and mining hardware, for example, rock drills, get together frameworks and offer the related administration and gear rental. The products are sold and leased under diverse brands through overall deals and administration system coming to more than 180 nations. For over 140 years, Atlas Copco has given the absolute best in mining and development arrangements. Our organization stores offer deals, rentals, parts, and administration, including full- administration focuses with profoundly prepared field specialists. Business Goals and Objectives Atlas Copco is considering the largest leading world brands that make industrial equipment. From what has been seen previously, the mission, vision, and values statement of organizations have a tendency to appear as something else in that they particularly characterize their way of life, brand and client encounter Each of these components is as diverse as the organizations themselves. Similar to other organization, Atlas Copco possesses a mission, vision and organizational values. (The company mission is to achieve sustainable, profitable development.) (Atlas Copco, 2013) (The vision is to become and remain First in Mind First in Choice of

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