Information Technology Strategy

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Introduction In today’s business environment, organizations are adopting the latest technologies in order to make the organization’s processes more organized and fruitful. There are several various technological tools that have been initiated through the information technology system, which has become very effective for organizations in order to compete in a proper manner. The Human Resource Information Management is one of the major tools from information technology, which is contributing effectively to the human resource functions of an organization. The human resource information management was, in the past, the human resource management system, which now has involved…show more content…
Today business organizations can organize various research programs with the help of technology in order to understand the market and customer needs, which ensure that they make the proper marketing strategies.
Cloud Technology Concept The Cloud technology gives organizations the option of delivery of computing; a metered service rather than a product which keeps track of shared resources, software and information provided to computers and other devices over a network or service provide on the internet. The cloud technology provides computation, data access, software, and storage resources without demanding the cloud users to know the location or other major details of the Cloud computing infrastructure. Through this the cloud users can have required information and data in a less span of time and increase productivity. The end users of internet access the cloud services through cloud based applications through a web browser or a mobile application. An organization’s business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. The cloud technology application provides better performance and services to the users even though the software programs were installed locally on the business computers. The internal and external networks would work properly for the business organizations in order to provide better services to their consumers. The cloud technology would contribute effectively in solving various
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