Information Technology Systems, Their Performance And Risk Management

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-According to Richard Brisebois, Greg Boyd, and Ziad Shadid, “IT Governance focuses specifically on information technology systems, their performance and risk management. The primary goals of IT Governance are to assure that the investments in IT generate business value, and to mitigate the risks that are associated with IT. This can be done by implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibility of information, business processes, applications, and infrastructure.” (Brisebois, Boyd, and Shadid, n.d.). IM/IT priorities recently changed to concentrate on the integration of systems across several facilities, computerization of patient records and improve decision support for clinicians and managers. The IT Governance Institute business models developed an in-depth value realization process, directing IM/IT leadership to obtain their goals, and guides organizations make business decisions accurately and timely. The five primary components of a healthcare IM/IT governance includes 1) Developing a consistent IM/IT strategy, 2) Aligning IM/IT with organizational strategy, 3) Developing IM/IT infrastructure, architecture, and policies, 4) Setting IM/IT project priorities, and overseeing investments in IM/IT infrastructure, and 5) Using IM/IT benefits assessment to enhance accountability. The first component, Developing a Consistent IM/IT Strategy, information systems supporting the strategic goals, objectives, and priorities of the
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