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Armstrong World Industries Business Systems Plan
Phase 5 Individual Project

Information Technology Management

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Business System Planning (Week 1) Introduction 4 Identify how the following critical success factors will be addressed by case study 5 Governance 5 Business plan alignment 6 Process improvement 6 Resource optimization 6 Operating excellence 7 Identify how the following critical success factors will be addressed by case study 7 Business management issues 7 Strategic and competitive issues 7 Planning and implementation concerns 8 Operational items 8 Identify how the variables defined by Strassmann's Model will be measured 8 Efficiency 8 Effectiveness 8 Competitivness 8
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Paul Strassmann mentions in his model of information management superiority that the key to management effectiveness is productivity. His starting point in the progress of a number of challenging measures of the information within an organization is that: "without productivity objectives a business does not have direction; without productivity measurements it does not have control." His argument is that in order for an organization to accomplish information superiority the company must have a complete understanding of their assets, the value of the companies’ information, how the information is being put into practice and the realistic cost of its information technology (Stassmann, 1996).
Armstrong World Industries corporate governance is to embrace the values embodies in the company’s operating principles for example, respect for people, diversity, integrity, customer service and shareholder focus therefore taking corporate governance very serious. The issues with IT governance within Armstrong World Industries are that the configuration is frail meaning that there is no distinct process for enterprise information technology. The financial support and procurement methods are not being properly used in assisting enterprise information technology management because the congresses of industrial organization everyday duties extend further than the range of authority.
Business plan alignment Armstrong
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