Information Technology Used In Business Essay

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Information Technology Used In Business

Do information technologies (IT) such as the laptop computer, and palm pilot really have an effect on the productivity and customer care in the workplace? Or do these technologies, which can be costly and not easily up- graded, hinder business practices? These questions have all been asked as the business world enters the information age. Many different types of businesses are implementing information technology in order to keep themselves in the running with other businesses. From small veterinary clinics to insurance agencies and large corporations, everyone is looking into information technology. It is important to take a look at some of the new information
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Toshiba and other computer distributors wanted to get people in the business and public world to consider the many uses of a laptop. It is apparent that the way businesses were introduced to portable machines aided information technology’s advance upon society.

There are many good aspects of businesses incorporating information technology into their everyday functions. The first and most important facet is that the user is given immediate access to key information. M.A. Roth states that, “[enterprises] that can quickly extract critical nuggets of information from the sea of accessible data and transform them into valuable business assets are in a strong position to dominate their markets” (Roth,
563). Prudential Insurance Company wants to do just that. “In a major effort to increase agent productivity and to standardize technology across the company Prudential…is investing $100 million to bring laptop computers…to its more than 12,000 agents and field people”(Prudential, 1). Agents of
Prudential will be able to aid clientele better though on-line contact, marketing, illustrations of figures and transactions, and by looking at he customer’s needs. The use of computers and
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