Information Technology With Social Media Prospective Essay

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Innovation in information technology with social media prospective
When there is proven method of conducting business then there are horizons of innovation are alive all the time. The innovation and creative ideas provide a key role in driving both future as well as real-time success into the core strategies of International Food Group. Marketing is a particularly targeted out of these strategies in real terms.
The use of technology at IFG aims to reach its customers in three new ways:
 The company should direct connection with its customer’s regarding the new product development ideas. This connection should closely interact with company’s website where there is maintain a real time response without any delay.
 The company has to reach out to different communities through social media networking and gets an overview of their interests and needs in order to guide company’s future marketing plans.
 Implement of ideas into planed action in order to start journey towards success.
Following are the innovative techniques that an IFG can apply in order to achieve long term success. These recommendations are applied as innovation throughout the marketing campaign of your company.
Innovation through encouragement and reward of teamwork
By giving incentives to the team workers involved in the process of exploration and experimentation of new innovative ideas, the plan of innovation presentation can be made effective. This can result in achieving more confidence of the team
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