Information Technology for Business

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Information Technology for Business 1
Information Technology for Business
Technology has created new revenue streams via the Internet and e-commerce, new connections with clients and consumers at work, home, and by mobile applications, and enables business to conduct commerce across the US and on a global scale (Munson, 2011). Office technologies have advanced and have allowed business to advance to a point of doing business with global customers, not just their own areas. It has created a communication standard that is faster and enables businesses to conduct business at faster levels than ever before. But with new technologies problems also arise that need to be addressed.
Types of Information Technologies The most prominent example of information technology is the Internet with its World Wide Web component (Blackhurst, 2002). The Internet has enabled businesses to set up website storefronts that enable consumers all over the globe to shop anywhere on the web from anywhere they are. A customer in China can shop a website storefront in the US without going to the US to shop the business. Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) enables search and location of educational literature on a given topic from most of the world. This enables business to gain employee training materials that promotes the advancement of knowledged employees. Businesses can conduct training sessions at reduced costs. Other common types of office technologies are the PDAs,
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