Information Technology in the Health Care Industry

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Proceedings of the 33rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2000

Information Technology in the Health Care Industry: A Primer
Peter B. Southard, Soongoo Hong, Keng Siau Department of Management College of Business Administration University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, NE 68588-0491 USA

The paper discusses current and future applications of information technology within the healthcare industry. It presents some broad strategies for approaching information technology investments and various tools available.

1. Introduction
Today, information technology is considered not just a supporting tool but a “strategic necessity” by world class
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Butters and Eom [3] examined applications of traditional DSSs in the health care industry. As the competition in the industry intensified, the role of information systems has become more sophisticated. Advanced information technology and the integration of information systems through the telecommunication network, including Internet applications, are used to increase operational efficiency, decision making process efficiencies, and management effectiveness. The radical change of

business environments in the health care industry has forced health care providers to utilize advanced DSSs to make better decisions faster. It also forces the creation of network-based information systems for sharing of information and easy communications among the members of health care community. With changes in government policy, increased competition, and the evolution of information technology, the health care industry in the 1990s has been described as unstable and highly agitated [4]. This new challenging market encourages health care providers to pursue more efficient management activities such as cutting administrative costs, improving decision making processes, and providing high quality patient care with accurate diagnosis. To survive in this turbulent business environment, health care organizations have been turning to more

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