Information The Usage Pattern Of Open Accessing Electronic Journals

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USER SELECT AND TROUBLES IN OPEN ACCESSING E-JOURNALS BY THE STUDENTS OF PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE IN TRIPURA STATE, INDIA : A STUDY SOMA SARKAR Research Scholar, Department of Library and Information Science, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai – 625 021 Tamilnadu, India Dr. K.CHINNASAMY Head, Department of Library and Information Science, Madurai KamarajUniversity, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. ABSTRACT E-Journals have great importance in libraries and amongst the library users. The present study has been undertaken with an attempt to information the usage pattern of open accessing electronic journals. The Profession students are mainly drawn from different parts of colleges in Tripura State. For that purpose, survey method has been adopted by the investigators, which comprises of administration of questionnaire, observation of the participants, and interview of some of the participants for knowing the opinion of the respondents in the respect of information of user accessing and troubles for accessing in open accessing electronic journals for their academic and research activities. The paper highlights the important survey findings in respect of user selecting pattern and accessing troubles towards the electronic journals. Key words: Electronic Journals, Open accessing e-Journals, Selecting and Trouble Open Access e-Journals INTRODUCTION The web has influenced the developments of new modes of scholarly communication including various discussion forum, websites and
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