Information Warfare and Cyber Terrorism: Case Studies

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AGRESSOR The exile of the Russian statue that was a means of giving tribute to the Soviet Soldiers for their efforts in World War II for sending away the Nazis form Estonia disturbed a Russian blogger, and he started the cyber attack on Estonia.
TYPE OF CYBER ATTACK Estonia's framework of information technology was made disable by the attackers by doing the refusal of service. This cyber assault existed for about three weeks (Stacy Prowell, 2010).
TECHNIQUE OF USING THE CYBER ATTACK The drawback of Estonia's information technology framework was that its defensive protocol was not much secure and could be easily hacked. Moreover, the country was much depended on internet. A cyber attack was made on Estonia in 2007 that happened on 26 April 2007 at sharp 10'o clock, the government of Estonia was made the target of cyber attack by some secret foe. The hackers started their attack by accessing the website of Reform Party, and then slowly and steadily hacked all the government websites, official site of Estonian Parliament and websites of remaining political parties (Stacy Prowell, 2010). The…

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