Essay on Information: Writing and Harvard Business School

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Signature Assignment: My Northcentral University Success Guide BTM7101-8-8 Mary F. Stokes Dr. Michael Voris Northcentral University . (2013). Library . Retrieved from NCU Library : The library is one of my most precious resources. It’s a valuable assets especially when it comes to writing dissertation and essay. I will be using it very offer to research information for my future course. It have a tutorial that’s very helpful that assist me in familiarize myself with primary and secondary resources, and variety of information from peer reviewed articles, eBooks, and journals. It will be used as the hub of my basis of research development and webinars to better…show more content…
This area will help me organize my dissertation properly and give me some guideline and what will be require by me that have been set by NCU and the accrediting board. This is the area I will use to confirm that my dissertation is following all the regulations to properly display its value and validity within my research. It can be accessed from my learner’s portal. Northcentral University. (2013). Writing Center . Retrieved from NCU Writting Center: The writing center will become my best friend because I’m not that good at writing and the writing center will ensure I am following the Academic Integrity Policy, the Writers Handbook ( refreshers on research and writing process), and the additional Writers resources (additional information on APA writing style). I can have the best of both worlds because I can use the writing tutors and get a second set of eyes by access Smarthinking. Which is just a click away on my learner portal. SMARTHINKING INC. (2013). Services . Retrieved from NCU Student Services :
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