Information and Communication Technology as Bedrock of the Nation

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FOREWORD This revised policy underlines the desired need for appropriate cutting-edge technologies that will propel the country through and beyond the 21st century. This vision policy is therefore designed to underpin the nation’s socio-economic progress and development. It emphasizes the need for a coherent, systematic and comprehensive approach to the determination of technological programmes and their implementation taking into account domestic productions in agriculture and rural development, food security, industrial manufacture, infrastructural services such as information and communications technology (ICT), space exploration and biotechnology. Three major technologies will dominate, at least, the first half of this century. These …show more content…
In tackling the challenges and opportunities that are the driving forces for this revised policy in the new millennium, the utmost need for a strategic vision has been emphasized and infact re-emphasized. This vision calls for a science and technology R&D that is innovative, creative and infact proactive – that which will leverage the nation’s science and technology capability in the public and industry domain within and outside the



It is hoped that this policy will flourish through both

knowledge and finance using modern information technologies to facilitate the application of science and technology for sustainable development of Nigeria. It beckons on all of us.


INTRODUCTION Nigeria’s first national Science and Technology Policy was formulated in 1986 in the realization of the fact that the overall national development could only be sustained through the effective application of scientific and technological skills for the production of goods and services. The Policy was to be a guideline designed to create harmony in the quest for knowledge about the environment through research and development and the use of that knowledge to ensure a better quality of life for our people. However, while the reasons for which the policy was formulated are still valid,
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