Information and Technology Development Software: Scrum

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Scrum (link to the page is a project management methodology. It is mostly used in I.T. and Software Development. Scrum is an iterative and incremental variant of Agile (link to Software Development Methodology that was created by Ken Schwaber (Link to and Jeff Sutherland ( in the 90's. S In addition to I.T and Software Development, Scrum can also be implemented in a particular area such as a Marketing Department. As a function, Marketing works around projects such as Advertising Campaign, Emails, Products Researches, Social Media, and more. Indeed, in an unstable environment, Traditional Project Management can lead to failure if changes are too impacting and important regard to the final product. Traditional Project Management involves a waterfall methodology to manage projects. It follows a weel structured stage plan. Those plans used to be quarterly, yearly or multiple yearly. For Marketers, it is often long and heavy as a whole project is managed in one time, from the planning to the deliverable, without real flexibility and real feedback. Marketing Managers use Waterfall because of the business priorities. Nowadays, Marketing Teams need to be more flexible and take rapid decision and Annual Marketing Strategic Planning is often a challenge. The pace of technology and
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