Information in Business

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Information in Business
Darrin L Palmer
University of Phoenix CIS/207 - Erickson

In business word wide the use of information technology systems is what keeps a business functioning properly. Every business holds a substantial amount of information that they must learn to sort, utilize and store efficiently. Everything a business does in their day to day operations requires the use of both information and technology. Payments, employee information, records, client information, all of this must be processed, stored, organized and analyzed for later use in the business. For example, at the end of a year businesses will need to pull old records and reports so that they can make predictions for future profit and pay their taxes to
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This form of communication lets us communicate quickly and efficiently amongst each other, making things much smoother for the customer because we do not transfer them around departments for different issues. We also use this at management level for issues where another department told a customer one thing and would conflict with the truth, we can then look at this and see the issue and where it began and correct it internally.
In any business security is key to protecting the valuable information of a company. At Nextiva security is managed using firewalls and antivirus systems. Each support section and corporate sales office also takes precautionary measures to insure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Each computer has a password, so the computer cannot be accessed except by authorized personnel. Each system is controlled by each individual employee having their own log in information. All of the employee actions internally in the system can be pulled by management at any time to insure the integrity of the employees. There is also a time out function, after a minute or two, the system will automatically log out and access will be denied until you log in using your personal credentials. These security measures protect the privacy of our customers and

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