Essay on Information on the Republic of Chile

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1.0 Introduction Chile, officially known as the Republic of Chile, is one of South America’s most stable and affluent countries. The purpose of this report is to research the country of Chile and investigate whether it is a suitable country and market for the Australian leisure and gym wear business ‘Alvernian’ to successfully enter into. This expansion will involve a serious commitment of both financial and human resources therefore it is imperative to investigate the country of Chile and formulate strategies upon entering. This was discovered through resources such as business textbooks, library books and the World Wide Web. This report will also outline the key elements of the international business environment, the key concepts of…show more content…
3.0 Strategies for Managing International Business Strategies for managing international business consist of marketing management, operations management, finance management, and human resource management. 3.1 Marketing Management The function of marketing is to focus on the needs of consumers as well as consider wider influences (such as pressure from key stakeholder and an ever-increasing competitive business environment) to ensure that the very best decisions are made for the business. (Business Organisation and Management for QLD) This is the ultimate goal for businesses to enhance their current position by taking advantages of opportunities existing in the global market place. Benefits of marketing management include that better economies of scale can be achieved and new approaches will be recognised which can be further utilised. Also diversifying markets means more financial stability which will be talked about later. 3.2 Operations Management Operations management refers to the activities involved in the actual production of goods and services: this is the part of an organisation that has to ‘get the job done’ (Business Organisation and Management for QLD) Operations management involves global sourcing in which a business seeks to find the most cost efficient location for manufacturing a product, even if the location is a foreign country; in this case Chile. For instance, if manufacturing and delivery costs are lower in Chile due to
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