Informational Interview Research Paper

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Purpose of the Interview
The purpose of this informational interview is to collect information about a specific type of job, about a career field, an industry, and/or a company and the relevant information about the realities of working within that particular field or position. Learn how to develop job search skills by identifying networking opportunities, to learn more information about chosen career field, to gain interview/corporate communications experience and to provide an excellent networking opportunity with future potential employers.

Interviewee’s contact information:

Name :Dilpreet Singh
Company: Proofpoint Inc., Ontario, Canada
Job Title: Site Reliability Engineer
Cell: 647-774-7562
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• Familiarity with various operating systems like Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS.
• Thorough understanding of the basic principles of networking.
• Familiarity with cloud computing systems.
• Strong understanding of back-up technologies like Full, Differential and Incremental
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• Sufficient knowledge of security & load-balancing systems.
• Solid software engineering skills.
• Developing knowledge of project management principles.
• Ability to communicate effectively.
• Ability to prepare detailed written instructions and documentation.

4. What are the most important personal satisfactions connected with your job?
• Recognition of professional competence.
• Exposure to multiple roles.
• Opportunity to communicate and network.

5. Describe some of the toughest situations you’ve faced in this job.
• While transferring of database from older hardware to new hardware the server crashed and we were unable to proceed with migration. The data is nearly of 400GB. We recover the data from the database files in form of text files and then re-import those files into newer database.

6. What skills or personal characteristics do you feel contribute most to success in this industry?
The most important soft skills needed for successful career are:
• Documentation.
• Conflict resolution.
• Problem solving.
• Interpersonal skills.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Self-motivation and detail-oriented.
• Active listening
• Quality client service techniques.
• Decision
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