Informational Technology: Neil Postman's Virtual Students Digital Classroom

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With informational technology such as laptops, tablets, kindles, and iPads being more and more prominent in education like high school and college, it opens many doors to new possibilities of learning. Now it obviously has some negative outcomes like bullying and students being unable to acquire certain technology for school, but these negative situations all have solutions to make them positive. Informational technology lets students connect with teachers in new ways outside of just the classroom.
In the past, studying meant traveling to the library or having to sit up with textbooks, reading for hours. In his Nation article “Virtual Students, Digital Classroom,” Neil Postman states, “[…] children and adults will be able to dial up a program
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E-mails, texting, messenger apps like WhatsApp, and other similar software have expanded humanities ability to communicate in everyday life as well as in the classroom. It has also opened the door for homework, quizzes and tests to be done online and sent via Dropbox. The availability of these websites makes completing these assignments easier for students but also easier to grade for professors and teachers alike. Certain websites are made strictly for schools and universities to use for these assignments such as eLearn, used by Walter State, or Blackboard, used by The University of Tennessee. Students can e-mail assignments straight to teachers faster and easier using these sites.
Technology is a gateway for students to further their understanding of literally any subject he or she may desire, and it allows students to connect better with their professors to also gain a better understanding of the subject he or she may be learning. Although bullying and harassment are indeed two darker sides to technology, they are two problems that are easily corrected, provided the correct steps are taken to do so. Technology is a fantastic way for students to connect to their schools from anywhere and at any
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