Informative Elder Abuse Essay

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Abuse to the elderly people has been a common practice in most societies in different parts of the world. In recent years, our society has heightened its sensitivity to the abuse of older citizens. Many people observe elder abuse as harm in a place where trust is expected to the older by those who abuse them. Elder people are abused by individuals whom they are related to or relay their lives and health. It occurs in homes, hospitals, nursing homes and almost anywhere seniors live. Although recent studies have proved that the rate of elder abuse in our country is growing, we need to help all citizens as they have the right to live their lives without abuse, neglect, and being exploitations. Caregivers need to be more attentive with…show more content…
Sadly, many of the victims are simply incapable of defending themselves from an unscrupulous caregiver. Many instances are not reported and there may not be sufficient evidence to win a conviction. Furthermore, insecure supervisors that might be afraid of the consequences and may choose to remain silent rather than become involved. Others may not wish to go through the process of terminating staff and the need to recruit and train replacements. Also, residents that are victims of abuse do not report the incident and are afraid that the nurse will punish them if abuse is reported to the administrator. Besides, many of the witnesses are not capable to remember and explain the abuse that happened. American society spends little time with their elderly family members, but leaves them to the mercy of the nurses. Poor family attention to our elder citizens is one of the main reasons why they are abuse and neglect. As noted by Davidson, “Elder abuse has now become an increasingly serious problem in America’s nursing homes” (Davidson #1). Many nursing home residents need constant attention to ensure that they do not develop medical problems. In many cases, residents need to be turned, moved, or given skin assessments to avoid developing pressure ulcers or developing deadly blood clots. Nursing home residents have suffered serious injuries or, in some case, have died as a

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