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What is dance? Dance is defined as lively movement using one’s body with or without music. Dancing means to feel someone existence to feel vitality, joy, and most importantly to feel alive. Anyone can define dancing as whatever they would like, but how is dance useful to our lives? Whether you are a ballerina from birth or if you are newly introduced to the art of dance, everyone can dance some way, shape, or form. Dance therapy provides psychological and physical benefits. It helps connect body and mind as one giving support to become rooted and balanced. In order to be centered and grounded while moving your body, a dancer must be in tuned with the center of gravity in relation to the earth. Dance therapy is also a great way for people…show more content…
The first group (ages 26+) were patients who suffered from intellectual disabilities like motor disorder as a consequence of cerebral palsy, speech impairment, auditory function, and difficulties with motor skills. The second group (ages 26-50) had individuals who suffered from a genetic disease and severe psychomotor retardation. The third group was older adults (ages 70+) who suffered from severe stages of mobility issues, Alzheimer disease, behavioral symptoms, temporal and spatial disorientation. Some forms of therapy included circle dance group, listening groups that listened to only music, and ergometer groups. A study by Thaut, McIntosh, Prassas, and Rice (1992) investigated the effect of auditory rhythm on temporal parameters. Data from this study showed that using principals of rhythmic cuing improved stride, upper limb movements, and enhanced gait. (Krampe, (2013) p. 40) Within these group sessions, therapists used props to stimulate sensory integration, interaction, and self-expression. This made the dance therapy session fun, more enjoyable, and helped with the “grounding” concept at a physical, emotional, and social level amongst everyone. The props that were used were balls varying in different sizes and colors, small percussion instruments, and

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