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Ashish Diyali 10/27/17 Prompt 2 Professor Chandler Recreational drugs My thesis is that recreational drugs are situation, both can be bad or good for a person depending on the type of drug and how it is used. This essay will discuss the negative aspects to promoting the utilization of illegal recreational drugs such as a rare disease, misunderstanding of the health risks, and social destructive activities that follow its use. On the other hand, this essay will discuss how legalizing these drugs would lower crime and influence of the drug lords who sell illicit pharmaceuticals, actually lessen the negative abuse of drugs, and lower the spread of diseases by promoting safe and cheaper access to safe recreational alternatives. Now,…show more content…
For example, reports that smoking marijuana deposits three to five times more tar into your lungs and has 50 to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons, affecting the respiratory system at a greater rate than the often-maligned tobacco cigarette. Moreover, another misunderstanding of the medical side of many recreational drugs is they have benefit from ingestion rather than smoking. With marijuana as a staple drug example, smoking it affects and alters the brain. Furthermore, marijuana decreases the release of dopamine in the stratum region of your brain, which is responsible for working memory, impulsive and attention behavior. Other researchers have found that people who smoke marijuana on regular basis tends to lose the grey matter in the brain which is a major part of the central nervous system, impacting muscle control, memory, sensory, emotion, speech, decision making and self-control. Perhaps more importantly, this also leads to adverse mental health like depression and anxiety And this is not just marijuana, as other studies have shown the same negative affect on other recreational drugs that likewise lowered the release of dopamine in the brain. Despite being considered a safe alternative, burning anything alters the plant, changing the chemical compound and proving harmful to the body. Thus, this “safe” plant that is burned, releases the toxins and carcinogen where it can be exposed to the body and its respiratory system. The third

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