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Cheerleading 101 Cheerleading began for me at the age of twelve. In the past I had played soccer, basketball, softball, did ballet. Basically every activity my mom could possibly put me in. All of those activities were okay, but cheerleading became something that was special to me. I first began cheering in middle school for the Hazelwood West Junior Wildcats. I cheered on the team throughout middle school literally dedicating all of my free time to cheerleading. I lived, ate, and dreamed cheer. I went on to continue cheering throughout my high school career, cheering for all Hazelwood West athletics, including: soccer, football, basketball, and wrestling. I was a hardcore dedicated athlete, and I had spirit like no other. From…show more content…
Though we cheerleaders make these jumps look easy, it is definitely not a walk in the park to master. When outsiders look at jumps they may think the higher the better, but in our minds it is all about the technique. A certain technique that is not easy to master. It takes time and practice. As Valerie Ninemire suggests the perfect jump consists of prepping, the big lift, execution and a clean landing. (Niemire) That may sound easy but believe me it’s not. Jumps use a great deal of abdominal, leg, and arm strength that should be built up to execute a perfect jump. Throughout America we have many different categories that cheerleading squad’s fall under. From all-girl, co-ed, all-star, to sideline cheer, there are a variety of squads out there. All girl squads consist of only girls. All girl squads incorporate all cheerleading elements such as cheer, dance, jumps, tumbling, and stunting. Typically, these squads perform stunts in groups of three or four cheerleaders. All girl squads are mainly at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels and they become less common at the college level. Co-ed cheerleading squads consist of both male and female cheerleaders. On co-ed squads, there are only a couple of differences in the elements that they perform. Female cheerleaders typically perform all elements of cheerleading such as cheer, dance, jumps, tumbling, and stunting.

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