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Pinkston, Anna Dr. Jeff Newberry ENGL 1101H August 26, 2017 As my ninth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Newton would say, without a good hook to start your essay, no one will ever read it. As I was taught, a hook is a crucial part in your essay because it will help grab the audience’s attention so that they will continue to be invested throughout the paper. For example, the hook could be a question or a quote about the overall topic of your essay. In my junior year, we had to do a controversial essay and I used a quote from a famous tattoo artist as my hook because I did my essay over tattoos and piercings. After the hook, the introduction begins to take form and show the audience what your essay is about. The introduction is the first thing in your essay that will tell the audience what the essay is about. The introduction paragraph should be as interesting as the initial hook and keep the audience invested in the paper. It will establish the basis of the essay and should contain the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the point in your essay where you will state the topics that the essay will contain. In high school, we were taught that the thesis should contain the three points that you will elaborate upon in your three body paragraphs: the weakest point, the middle point, and the strongest point. The first body paragraph should be the weakest or simplest way to get the overall point of the essay across to the readers. This will be the foundation of all three points,

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