Informative Essay: Hot Mics In Hollywood

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Caution! Hot mics are a necessary evil in Hollywood, but they could actually be the downfall to anyone who doesn't remember that the cameras don't catch everything. In what is weird, awkward and just annoying the latest tapes from an Access Hollywood interview are being aired everywhere during the presidential political campaign. It's unfortunate, but everyone who has ever worn a microphone might be guilty of saying something unkind (but not as lewd) on tape. In the world of entertainment, once the mic is on you need to be careful. Wear it for a while (as it's just on your jacket and barely noticeable) and you might forget it's there and say stuff that shouldn't be shared publicly. Typically hot mics as those microphones which would have been shut off, but instead kept taping for whatever reason. It's one of those…show more content…
I am always aware there could be someone listening. On assignment at a studio there were several of us invited as guests to view. Another place mics are placed in a studio audience is above the audience. Or they could be wired in to hear certain people in certain areas. At first glance, I recognized we were placed in a certain section of the audience for media. I noticed there were weird looking bumps in the seat boards directly in front of us pushing out the fabric. I decided not to say too much, just in case it was a mic. One of my media partners wasn't so smart. She said a couple of crude things about the guest on the show. About five minutes later she was informed by security that got a "phone call" at the studio and asked to take it in the back. She never came back. I called her later to see if everything was OK and found out she was asked to leave because someone heard her talking (yeah, it was those bumps in the seat.) Hot mics are part of the business. So keeping your mouth closed if you want to say something rude is an essential tool to remember. Unless you are in the parking
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