Informative Essay: Mark's Fight For Freedom

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There was Mark, the leader of the military group, and 3 other men that were also involved in the group. Leaving their house, family, friends, to fight for freedom. Mark and the 3 other men acted as if they were family. March 7th, 1970 at 3:34am is when everything changed.

“GET UP, START SHOOTING.” Mark yelled at the three men sleeping.

“Yes sir, yes sir.” they all replied at the same time.

Their military group was one of the preeminent groups. After an hour, they thought they shot everyone who was trying to kill them in the area. They were going back to their screening place, until Mark heard more guns being fired.

“THIS WAY, THIS WAY,” Mark said repeatedly but got no response.

A couple of hours passed and Mark still did not
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