Informative Essay: Networks And Connections After College

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Networks and Connections after College Thoughts and ideas about the future are presented everyday to college kids looking to pursue a good job after school. Children attend college primarily to get a degree in hopes of finding a decent job. The value of education has decreased and the persistent drive for a degree has increased among college students nationwide. It seems as if many kids work hard in school not to learn, but to get a degree. This makes education, to many kids, a waste of time. With a degree, freshly new college graduates are in hopes of finding a decent paying job. In contemporary society, it seems as if the rich are building more connections among each other while the poor are left with little opportunities. This is due to the inherent trend of families passing down connections and relationships with each other. In today’s society, it is more important for college students to network themselves rather than to receive above average grades because it provides more opportunities after college. Joao Alhanati, a writer for Investopedia, states an example…show more content…
This is true because many people receive high grade point averages in college however, not everyone can build top-tier networks in search for jobs. In many instances, approving reputations built by parents transcend on their children. This gives the children an upper edge of others because since birth, the children are deemed to be just as or more successful than their parents. Networks help college kids get high-paying jobs without going through the hassle of staying with a company long term in hopes of getting a raise. There are many ways of creating connections such as fraternities and sororities, sports teams, or clubs and organizations. Facts from Investopedia and USA Today support the affirmation that networks and connections are more important which give merit to the
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