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Animal Rights
Day after day, the animal sits in its cage. It remains trapped there for long periods of time, tired, battered, and malnourished, perhaps wondering if it will ever be free of this prison. This is the situation of millions of animals all over the world. These animals could be out in the wild living their lives that they were made to live, but instead, they are trapped inside a research facility that is endlessly testing new cures or cosmetics on them. If not in a research facility, they could be stuck performing for a circus, with their whole lives being consumed by training, travel, and performances. Many people blindly support these two common industries, but they don’t know that innocent lives are being risked for them to have
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An animal that is considered an “entertainment animal” is an animal that has been taught to act a certain way in order to perform for the amusement of an audience, such as an elephant in the circus (Waldau 31). In circuses alone, most old-style and modern ones mistreat their animals in the way they are housed, transported, and generally handled (Waldau 136). Although there are many avid animal rights activists, the public still buys into the whole scheme without knowing that they are supporting animal misery. Circus owners often are so consumed with the money they make that the real entertainment purpose of circuses has been lost, and more often than not these proprietors will be too concerned with money to care about how the animals they possess are being treated (Waldau 136). Many circuses claim that they treat their animals well, and some have improved the living conditions of the animals; but, even as circuses try to clear their names and maintain a safe and harmless appearance, the lives of animals held captive in circuses remain harsh and hazardous, similar to animals who are used for an even worse purpose, animal experimentation (Waldau…show more content…
There are several non-animal substitutions for testing that can be just as, if not more accurate and consistent than animal testing, while keeping millions of animals from hurtful and distressful lives (Tatchell 99). One alternative is a computer model. These models simulate how the body works and then show what the effects would be from the serum or chemical being tested (Currie-McGhee 49). There are many other forms of non-animal testing such as Many animal rights activists believe that these alternative are safer and more reliable, and so Tatchell states that, “Many scientific tests on animals do not produce data that is applicable to humans,” (99). For example, the results of countless tests studying how HIV works are almost always not applicable to humans, only to the animals being tested upon (Tatchell 99). Animal testing has no real reason for existing because most tests will have to be repeated and tested on humans after, so the animals are possibly suffering for no real cause (Tatchell 99). An unfortunate fact is that there is not a large amount of funding for non-animal research. It is highly possible that the outcomes and results found from animal testing could have come from non-animal testing if there was an equal amount of financial aid (Tatchell
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