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Boxing in Sports Betting
About boxing
Boxing is one of the top sports you can wager on. Big fights don’t happen every week, so this is the ideal sport for the casual gambler. Everybody loves a big punt on a massive fight, and given that anything can happen in a boxing ring, it makes the prospect of betting on boxing all so exciting.
Boxing is not limited to any specific country, nor does it follow any simple league structure. Both professional and amateur boxing exists, and there are many weight divisions in each format. Most of the big money is wagering on title fights, particularly in the heavyweight division. Boxing is also an Olympic Games sport, and just recently it was agreed that professional boxers (as opposed to the traditional amateur
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This is an Overs/Unders bet which is based on the total number of points scored, or the amount of rounds the fight will last. Of course, if you are after a big knock-out (and let’s face it, we all love a good knock-out), then the Knock-Out Bet could be for you. This bet allows you to bet money on a boxer knocking out the other. Players will only pick up winnings if their chosen boxer does indeed knock out the other. A points victory is not enough to see you win this bet.
Betting tips and strategies
Learn about boxing styles. Each boxer has their own arsenal of moves, most of which fit under a specific style of boxing. Sometimes boxers are evenly matched in this arena, and sometimes they aren’t. The same can also be said of height, weight, and reach (how far they can extend their punches from their body). These can all play critical roles in determining a fight, so do your homework before you bet.
Injuries and form are also worth looking at. An injured boxer is instantly going to be at a disadvantage, but the bookies won’t tell you if the boxer is injured. You’ll need to read up on that yourself. Moreover, if a boxer has had a bad run of form, it may play on his mind during the fight. A recent loss may damage a boxer’s pride, or it could spur them on to recover with a resounding win. Keep that in mind when betting on boxing,
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