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We're all in this together -- At the ICS, we serve as the collective voice of IL Chiropractic Physicians. Through advocacy and educational services, the ICS strengthens and promotes the chiropractic identity and mission of our members so that all associated with chiropractic in Illinois can contribute to the health and wellness it provides. And the more members we have, the bigger impact we can all make. Click Here To Learn More!

Chiropractic allows you to follow your passion while contributing to a cause that is greater than yourself. We share your passion! Our mission of protecting chiropractic and fostering its growth is achieved through many avenues.
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Becoming a member is a great way to have a voice in Illinois. The ICS' full
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We have the tools to promote and advance your knowledge and skill set through professional education, training, and networking.
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Your membership is an investment in the ICS, allowing us to develop and deliver a world of benefits to you, your practice, and your profession -- now and throughout your career.
Beyond the extensive online information available through, the ICS fields hundreds of questions a week from members requesting information ranging from advertising to independent contractors, from fee splitting to the delegation of billing, from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Medicare... We have experts in a variety of areas to assist our members with many of their questions.
Through your membership with the ICS, you will also receive two bi-monthly publications with articles on important topics that affect the income of your practice and information pertaining to the chiropractic profession in Illinois. You will also have access to a staff licensed chiropractic physician and Insurance Specialist to assist only members with insurance related billing, documentation and compliance questions.

Our members also receive our live and recorded webinars, online education and training, and our ICS quiz program. As a member you will also receive equipment supply purchases, malpractice insurance premiums, and several additional programs offered. Join Online
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