Informative Essay On Cosmetic Animals

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Who here thinks bunnies are cute? That’s because they are cute, but they are also being used in the cosmetic field to be experimented on. But bunnies are not the only ones. The humane society released a census that states that all over the world, 100,000-200,000 animals are suffering and dying due cosmetic testing alone ,and these animals include mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. In 2017, this is a practice that should have been ditched a long time ago, but because it is still something utilized today it is important that we know how to help put an end to this.

I. Animals can endure so much pain at the hands of an experimenter and are never even given pain relievers, in fact, at the end of the test, they are usually killed.
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During this experiment an injection is given under the animal’s skin and can cause skin irritation, redness, or ulcers.
During a test to find the cause of eye irritation, a substance is applied to the corneas of 1 to 3 rabbits. Usually after this test is conducted their eyes can bleed, they can suffer irreversible eye damage, and lose sight completely.
With the amount of animal lives cosmetic testers go through each day, you would think that there is no other way around it, except that there is.

II. There are many alternatives to animal testing in cosmetics and Cruelty Free International or CFI, states that there are there are many alternatives that are actually more cost effective. 1.) There are computer models which could imitate how a human skin cell will react to certain chemicals thanks to the Human Genome Project.
B. According to CFI, we possess the mathematical data and information to conduct virtual experiments. 2.) If online experiments don’t sound as concrete to you, there is human tissue alternatives. Skin and other tissue can be donated post-surgery or post-mortem and used to conduct
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Companies like Episkin, Mattek and CellSystems GmbH can easily provide cosmetic companies with kits consisting of real human tissue to test their products according to CFI. 3.) If for some reason none of these sound better than animal testing to you, then my final alternative to animal testing in cosmetics is to use volunteers. The Hasting Center reports that human subjects are not just a cruelty free alternative, but it is actually more reliable to use humans when researching the effects of a product have on
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