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DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a macromolecule found in the mitochondria that contains genetic material for reproduction. It’s the blueprint of life itself, we’ve known about DNA since 1869 when swiss physiological chemist Friedrich Miescher identified Nuclien (aka DNA). We still don’t know everything yet, scientists found out what the structure of DNA looked in the 1950’s. We’re learning new things about DNA every day, but here is a summary of what we know as of right now.
Before we can talk about Miescher we must go back to a few years and talk about Gregor Mendel. An Augustinian monk who did experiments on yellow and green pea pods from 1856-1863.He was trying to crossbreed the pea pod into exact combinations with but instead the pea pods
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Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health starting in 1990. In 1995 Haemophilus Influenza that can cause meningitis in children is self-replicated genome thanks to J. Craig Venter. In 1996 the first mammal, a sheep named dolly, is cloned by an adult cell, Dolly was made by scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. The scientists injected something into the unfertilized egg cell which had had its nucleus removed to ‘reprogram ’the udder cells by altering the growth medium egg was to reach the embryo stage, before being implanted into a surrogate mother. Out of the 277 attempts Dolly was the only one to survive. In 1999 a team of researchers decoded an entire human the chromosome was the longest continuous stretch of DNA decoded.
In March 2000, many scientists decoded the genetic makeup of a fruit fly because the biology of a fruit fly has a lot in common with mammals, from this we found out that a fruit fly contains 13,601 genes but humans have 70,000 genes. Then in 2002 scientists decoded the genome of a mouse, the 1st animal, what we found from that is 90% of the mouse's genome could be aligned with a human genome. In 2003 the human genome project was
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