Informative Essay On Drone Technology

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Have you ever found yourself up late, sick, without medicine, and lacking the will to make the trip to the store? Or, have you had to step away from a party or gathering to pick an item up from the store that is needed for the activity? These common issues are soon to be alleviated with the development of drone technology and its application as a rapid delivery service.
Rapid delivery services through the use of drones can decrease the time from purchase to delivery down to 2 hours. While implementing this technology on a large scale does have its challenges, these issues are quickly being addressed.
The use of drones for rapid delivery does not have any significant technology hurdles. The necessary sensors required to guide the drones are ready to be implemented on a large scale. Communication networks are more reliable than ever before. The mechanical features such as small electric motors are also ready for prime time.
The largest hurdle for drone delivery systems to be implemented on a large scale is the necessary regulation to operate under. In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the national authority with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation, provided the first ever regulation for commercial drones.
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To circumvent the line of sight stipulation and enable autonomous control of drones, a nationwide drone-based air traffic control system could ease the concerns of the FAA. Many companies are currently developing such a solution. PrecisionHawk, uses what they call a low altitude traffic and airspace safety system to automatically avoid obstacles and other air traffic. Impressed, the FAA made an unprecedented decision to allow PrecisionHawk to fly beyond line of sight for agriculture use. With the 2016 FAA regulation, more commercial users will push the boundaries of drone use, thus leading to additional regulation that will provide the framework to enable rapid drone
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