Informative Essay On Drones

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The United States Of America has one of the biggest armies in the world. With over 1,429,995 active soldiers and 1,137,916 enlisted our army people can say that it is pretty big. However 2,386 died and 20,049 injured in the war on terrorism, the U.S. doesn't want anymore deaths to happen to its soldiers so they started the use of drones. Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are remotely operated at a base far away. But drones strike missiles can kill the target and innocent civilians. When Drones are sent to take out their targets, they are armed with surface to air missiles to destroy their target. They do the job, but many civilians are killed the the bombing run. Over 116 civilians are killed in the bombing runs that are not affiliated to Terrorism. If they strike a skyscraper to kill the terrorist and their are people in the building how do they know if the building won't collapse and kill everybody.…show more content…
When the bombing runs are reported in the news, people see the carnage that USA did to their people. The want to get revenge to the devastation that the US did so they join ISIS and Al-Qaeda. A good thing to come out of drones is that it takes US troops out of the Middle East. They are pulling out soldiers from Iraq and other Middle East states. The Drones can kill more Terrorists than a squad of soldiers and not but their lives in danger. No one wants anymore US soldier to die anymore. In Conclusion, I believe that drones were used in the right way they would not be that bad. Many Soldiers are in favor for drones and because it puts them out of harm's way and death and heartbreak from soldier’s families from their
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