Informative Essay On Homeless People

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Homeless People Have Names Also
A few years ago in Nashville a homeless man named Steve Young sold a copy of homeless paper The Contributor to a man named Mike Dotson (Dotson). After this brief encounter Steve didn’t think he would ever see Mike again. When Mike showed up a few days later with a breakfast sandwich Steve was proven wrong (Dotson). Mike gave him the sandwich and with a joking smile said he had “licked the cheese off it for him” (Dotson). Although his joke may have been rather stupid it got Steve to laugh nonetheless. Mike had done more than just offer Steve food for his body he had also offered him friendship for his soul. Steve and Mike went on to be good friends and founded a homeless organization called Home Street Home Ministries in Nashville (Home Street Home Ministries). Home Street Home Ministries serves the physical and psychological needs of the Nashville homeless community (Home Street Home Ministries). They set an
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Seeing as most people do not interact with homeless people in there everyday lives I chose to do a video interview with Steve. Although right now he is no longer homeless he still works directly with homeless people on a daily basis and has the experience of having been homeless himself. Once I created my video I uploaded it to Youtube under the title “Home Street Home Ministries Serving the Homeless Community of Nashville”. It is however not enough to simply upload it to Youtube so I will also upload it to social media. Thus I have to find a way of uploading it to social media where it will be focused at people who live in and around Nashville. I personally have almost no experience with social media, but I found that on Reddit there is a Nashville subreddit. My audience is specifically people who live in the Nashville area because my issue is homelessness in the Nashville
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