Informative Essay On Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is something you rarely hear about and something you would not think could happen to you or a loved one. Some individuals might not even know what exactly human trafficking really is. Researchers throughout the years have found in fact that human trafficking is not limited to outside our country. It is closer to home than you think. The article “Study: Ohio at Center of Child Sex Trade” reported by CBS news, gives you the facts on how close to home human trafficking really is. The second article, “What Is Human Trafficking?” written by The Blue Campaign, goes in to detail to explain what exactly human trafficking really is. I found these two article to be informative and helpful in understanding trafficking of humans. CBS news reporting “Study: Ohio at Center of Child Sex Trade” published February 11, 2010 focuses their main point on trafficking in and around Ohio. The purpose of CBS reporting this article was to make the reader aware of the statistics in Ohio and how it contributes to the slave industry. They state that about 1,000…show more content…
This article defines human trafficking as “a modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” This article states approximately 1.7 million children either run away from or are forced out of their homes. Out of the 1.7 million about 38,600 were sexually assaulted, were in the company of someone known to be sexually abusive, or were engaged in sexual activity in exchange for money, food or shelter. In Wisconsin alone there were over 200 identified cases of sex and labor trafficking. When someone is being trafficked, the trafficker will usually pretend to be a boyfriend, relative or someone close to the victim. This group uses facts from different reports or studies to support their claims in the
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