Informative Essay On Ja-Cody Life

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Ja-Cody is a 5 foot 7 inch tall male. He lives on the poor side of his town. He has a brother named Matt. Two parents that don’t live with each other. He walks everyday to his school with his brother, a grade below him, with him. He is 16 years old and a Sophomore in high school. Ja-Cody is a big sneaker head and always has to have the next sneaker whenever they come out. Some of Ja-Cody’s favorites were the nike Huarache and Air Jordan. His friends were always jealous of the newest sneakers he had. He could just barely afford them he worked at hs local grocery store and his mom worked at a factory downtown. He really liked the more unique colorways so other people don’t have them. Ja-Cody lives with his mom and sometimes goes to his

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