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Kites for centuries have been an interesting object of flight fascinating people all over the world. The standard diamond kite can be made at home simply with 2 wooden dowels, plastic sheeting, strong tape, twine and a kite string or fishing line. Considering kites are simple and easy to make, at home you can also design it whatever way you like. It’s become an unpopular activity for as you can see technology has advanced, but today I’ll be presenting to you the history and aerodynamics on kites before the advancement of technology and a more scientific approach.
History and Pioneers
Kites date back to the 5th century BC created by philosophers Mozi and Lu Ban. In the year 549 AD paper kites were being flown; in that year they
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But, who’s to tell the tale of exactly when and where. All we know now is everything scientists have studied; the aerodynamics of kites, and different ways to create the kite and maintain flight. As there are many designs of the kite Lawrence Hargrave was one creator to make the first box kite. Lawrence was born in 1850 in Greenwich England. In 1872 he came to Australia in search of gold but the ship was wrecked on side the Queensland coast. 1883 he retired and devoted the remainder of his life to research working into problems connected with human flight.
Different Kite Designs
There are different types of kites such as the standard diamond, box kite, sled, delta and winged box. They’re easy to make at home simply googling and watching YouTube tutorials for different ways to make them. It’s definitely a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. For a simple diamond kite you will need two wooden dowels both at each size of your choice ideally one 90cm and one 120cm. The longer the dowel is the spine of the kite, the shorter dowel the crosspiece to form diamond shape. You will also need plastic sheeting or recycled garbage bags, strong tape such as packing tape or electrical, twine and kite string or fishing
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