Informative Essay On Lookism

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If you’re not sure what lookism is these paragraphs may be just for you. Lookism is a very harsh thing in this world today. People depend on others to tell them how to dress, act, and how your supposed to look. Today I’ll be talking about how lookism is affected by the media, why lookism is getting more attention, and the affect it has on racism. First, let’s talk about how media affects lookism. According to the (Looks and Discrimination) website the media influences lookism more than anything. The Victoria Secrets Show has the viewers thinking beautiful is being stick figures. People who watch models on TV make them feel like they have to look a certain way or even dress a certain way. The media makes people think that they can help you look better or dress better. The media gives many different options on how to look better such as plastic surgery, and they also use special make-up products that teach you how to apply make-up. Media has a huge impact on lookism and it shouldn’t be that way. Now let’s talk about why lookism is getting more attention. The (west sound workforce) website states that the focus on lookism is increasing. Deborah Rode thinks that weather its discrimination on unattractiveness or preference on attractiveness that the discrimination of lookism should become illegal.…show more content…
Media is the main reason why lookism is getting more attention in this world today. Media makes everyone feel worse about their self and makes everyone feel like they have to be super skinny and tan. Lookism gets a lot of attention because people every day depend on it. In jobs everyday people get looked upon for how much they weigh or how they look in general. Racism is another form of lookism and is a harsh thing upon people with different skin tones. Lookism is a very disrespectful discrimination and shouldn’t be
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