Informative Essay On Marilyn Monroe

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Jacy Pringle
Mrs. Peter
11th LA
October 9, 2017
It is hard for a person to stay quiet when everyone knows your name, for Marilyn Monroe this was the case; Monroe was everyone’s new trend. Since her first breath Monroe was destined to have fame and fortune, just from her looks. Life carried on for her in a less luxurious way then expected, her story is essentially a reflection of Cinderella. As connections formed at a young age and talent was already recognized, life kicked in like a rocket for Monroe from the moment she was born. Doors of opportunity were constantly being opened for her. Singing Happy Birthday for JFK, and being Hugh Hefner’s first model are only things that Monroe can be responsible for (Jackson, Denny). Marilyn Monroe’s career may seem as if she made it all by herself; instead, she already had strong connections to Hollywood through her mother's career, and the Kennedy’s family name.

The iconic sex symbol of the 50’s has history unlike any other Hollywood superstar. Marilyn Monroe was born into an unstable family, and soon later given up for adoption. However, two points don’t add up. Her mother Gladys Pearl Baker was involved in the film industry during her pregnancy with Monroe (Jackson, Denny). Why would a film star abandoned her soon to be superstar daughter? The un-luxurious life of Norma Jeane Baker, a.k.a Marilyn Monroe, took place in foster homes and oddly old “parents”. Monroe was unclear that connections through Hollywood were brewing as

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