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Walking into pre-calculus as a junior I had heard all of the horror stories about what to expect from Mr. Fitterer. I was not sure how everything would shake out, or if he would be as advertised, but right when he started talking about the syllabus on the first day I got my answer; his first remarks to the class were “This is going to be the toughest math you have ever taken, and if you are not ready to study an hour more for tests than you did last year for Algebra II, you might as well leave now.” For me, these were very eye-opening remarks. As he continued to talk, I learned he was a no-nonsense individual who was just as advertised, and throughout the years my opinion of him has not changed. Mr. Fitterer deserves
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Fitterer is a man who loves his job and the student’s he teaches, and his passion shows in his work. He is a quick-witted man who likes to joke around and have fun with his students. For example, the other day I wore a shirt of my favorite NBA team the Los Angeles Lakers, and on this shirt was the number one for the player D’angelo Russell. Seeing my shirt, Mr. Fitterer thought he should take a jab and he did by saying, “Does the one on your shirt stand for how many wins the Lakers have?” These kind of back and fourths allow him to have a positive report with his students. Most importantly, he loves his job the most because of how smart he is. What I mean by this is Mr. Fitterer is not only the smartest teacher I know, but he is one of the smartest individuals I have ever met. This is a man who could very easily be an engineer, in fact, I think he could very easily be the head of an engineer firm, yet here he is. He is so smart and good at math, but he decided to teach. I believe he did this because he loves kids and he is passionate about what he does. Mr. Fitterer is the greatest teacher I have ever had. He is simply the best because of his teaching methods. He can make the hard lessons seem simple enough for everyone to easily learn and understand. He is also the best because of his love for teaching, the passion he shows, and his ability to have fun with his students. Mr. Fitterer is the best teacher I have ever had, and there is no teacher even close. This is why he deserves Mandan High’s Best Teacher
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